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“Fitness and Discipline”–Victor A. Lashley on Tandem Radio

Tandem Radio on the Bridge FM Saturday, August 3rd at 10:30 AM with our Featured Guests: Victor and Stephanie Lashley of ICAT Triple Threat Training Center

This week on Tandem Radio, Victor and Stephanie Lashley talk about their business, working together and their faith in God. They discuss Ringside Rescue, a nonprofit based in Ocean Township, NJ, that helps turn young adults with no hope into productive adults with a bright future and, through the gym, provides a place they can always consider home.

Lashley Victor A. Lashley-Owner and Head Coach of  I.C.A.T. Triple Threat Training Center, Victor has over 30 years experience in boxing, fitness and martial arts. The seeds of Self-Defense and his ICAT Defensive Concepts Fighting System were planted back in 1968 in Asbury Park. As a young boy, Victor was a natural athlete that excelled at a variety of sports, including boxing, karate, football, basketball and tennis.  His official training began at the Monmouth Boy’s Club under the tutelage of Mr. Bernard Butts within the Boy’s Club’s undefeated Drill Team. He learned that dedication and practice make perfect. His official Pugilistic training began with Mr. Michael Murphy a boy’s club coach. Vic’s journey continued under Master Hamin Rasool, Fourth Level Sifu, Wing Chun Do Gung Fu, Four Star martial Arts Academy.  He received a blue sash ranking under Master Rasool, and was on their demonstration team in board breaking and kicking boxing techniques.  Victor began competing in local tournaments at Brookdale Community College, with Master Gary Alexander, in the Black belt division. He had the privilege of out pointing Master Fred Henry B.K.G. and Master Ray Martin.  In 1989 he joined the Princeton Academy of Martial Arts under the tutelage of Guru Rick Tucci where Victor was introduced to Sifu Larry Hartsell. He attended classes in Jeet Kune Do and attended various seminars across the United States.  He trained with Guru Dan Inosanto in JKD, Silat, Eskrima; Sifu Burt Richardson in JKD, JKD Grappling Arts; Professor Salem Assli in the Art of Savate which is French Foot Fighting or “Old Boot.” In 1990 Victor met Chris Ascari, 5th Level Sifu Chi Lin Pai. He informed Chris of his background and  decided to contact Guru Richard Bustillo to begin an Apprenticeship program for Jeet Kune Do, which incorporated Muay Thai, Eskrima, Aikido, Shootwrestling, Wing Chun Do.

Victor studied privately with Guru Richard Goldburg, in the Art of Butki Negara. He trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Sensei Mario Lemos. He has rejoined Master Cris Ascari training in the Art of Eight Limbs Muay Tha, as well as Vale Tudo and Combat Submission Wrestling. Victor has trained with Sensei Erik Paulson Japanese Shooto Champion and coach to such UFC greats as Brock Lesner and is a level 1 Combat Submission Wrestling Coach.

Victor is a level 2 USA Amateur Boxing Coach, licensed under the USA Boxing Association, a WITS Certified Personal Trainer, Boot Camp Instructor, Certified TRX Instructor. Victor served in the United States Army as a corrections officer for New Jersey and is a State Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor by the NJ State Police. He has received many awards serving in Jamesburg Correctional Facility and Trenton State. His extensive boxing, fitness and Martial Arts training is what qualifies Victor to mentor, train and coach others. Victor considers himself a continual student and is still learning, training and absorbing what’s useful!

For more information visit:  http://www.icatacademy.com/


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