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Key To Every Business

Key To Every Business

Tandem Radio, February  5th 2011 With special guest Erik Luhrs - Author, Business Consultant, Sales Guru THE STORY OF THE GURUS SELLING SYSTEM In order to understand the creation of The GURUS Selling System, it is important to know the story of Erik Luhrs. In late 2000, after ten years of working for several large corporations in the New York City area, Erik Luhrs found himself being fired from his job...because he did it too well. As he was escorted out of the building by two [...]

Tandem Radio “Sales in not a dirty word”

Mastering the World of Selling with Eric Taylor Tandem Radio August 21, 2010 Special guest Eric Taylor joined Glen and Peter to discuss their experience in sales, the evolution and ways to succeed in sales today. Eric Taylor Is President and Chief Collaboration Officer of Empowerment Group International. Eric is the creator and co-author of Mastering the World of Selling published by John Wiley & Sons Inc. and he is the co-creator of Best Year Ever! Secrets and [...]