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By Design

Saturdays at 11 AM

Hosted by Dr. James Proodian of Proodian Healthcare

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Address: 10 West End Court, Long Branch, NJ 07740
Phone: 732-222-2219

“We are so amazed by man-made Technology, with HD TV, iPads, video games and cell phones, it is pretty amazing what we have accomplished.  All of this is miniscule in comparison to what God has created in us.  By the time we are born, we have almost 60,000 miles of vessels inside our body and only one mile is visible.  The complexity of building that within a single system is beyond any comprehension or any existing mathematics today.  That system of blood vessels in ONE person could wrap around the World 2.5 times.  While we continually discover more amazing things about the human body every day, God has not only made good health attainable, he has spelled it out for us.  While man has distorted this vision in the name of cutting costs and doing things faster, God has given us the roadmap to achieving optimal health.  Let me show you how to live the way God intended and in turn you will learn how to eat, exercise and live a complete & wholesome life.”

The human body is an amazing, complex system that performs best when all systems are in balance.  This balance is achieved when our physical, nutritional and psychological systems are functioning in harmony.  Dr. James Proodian is a “connect-the-dots” chiropractic physician who is an expert in identifying clinical imbalances and restoring the body to health and functionality.  His approach to health focuses on disease prevention and identifying the underlying causes of serious chronic disease.

Dr. Proodian delivers a powerful message uniting God & Wellness and it is needed now more than ever.  Chronic disease is reaching epidemic proportions and it causes 61% of deaths worldwide.  By Design Ministries is available as a pilot program for local churches and their congregations.  Let Dr. Proodian show us simple things that we can do in our everyday lives to prevent disease from affecting us and our families.

Dr. Proodian is the Founder of Proodian Healthcare which is the parent company of Natural Healthcare Center (7,000 square foot clinical facility), Wellness at Work (Health Education) and Put Back What You Lack (Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements).

Dr. Proodian delivers science-based recommendations which are basic yet effective in helping you feel better, function better and live longer.  He clears up today’s confusion about health issues by connecting the dots in both his educational programs & clinical practice.  He has served as a health educator and lecturer at numerous schools, universities and corporations & has delivered keynote addresses throughout the country since 1994.

Dr. Proodian holds undergraduate degrees in Public Health and Nutrition and a Doctorate of Chiropractic.  He has also earned postgraduate certifications in Sports Medicine (CCSP) and Strength and Conditioning (CSCS).  Dr. Proodian lives in Monmouth County, NJ with his wife Stacy and their 5 children.

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