Monday February 18th 2019

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Jeremy Skillings You Can Be Found

Tandem Radio, July 31 2010 Jeremy Skillngs of You Can Be Found joined us for part two of the Technology and Innovation show.  An expert at Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Jeremy shares tips on how to be found on the internet.  Peter explains how he came kicking and screaming into the technology age and how technology has become a necessary tool used in business today.

Jeneen Yodakis Founder of called in from Colts Neck New Jersey to talk about key words for her unique business name an issue that many face.

Special guest Harry Flaherty with  Fellowship of Christian Athletes joined Glen and Peter to discuss over 60 years of helping Athletes and others though out the county.

Scripture: Proverbs 8:12, First Corinthians 3:6

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