Sunday February 28th 2021

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By Design – “Stress – Dealing w/ Hurricane Sandy”

In this special edition of By Design, health expert Dr. James Proodian focuses on stress associated with natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy, and ways to manage it.

Here’s some of what he’ll be covering:

– What is stress and anxiety?
– How to control our reactions to events beyond our control.
– What we can learn from events like natural disasters and God’s plan he built in us
– What we can do each day to temper the effects of stress
– Community, Church, and Family is what matters and many times it takes tragedy to find our “design”

If you missed the show, click below for the recording.

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Dr. Proodian is the Founder of Proodian Healthcare which is the parent company of Natural Healthcare Center (7,000 square foot clinical facility), Wellness at Work (Health Education) and Put Back What You Lack (Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements).

Dr. Proodian delivers science-based recommendations which are basic yet effective in helping you feel better, function better and live longer. He clears up today’s confusion about health issues by connecting the dots in both his educational programs & clinical practice. He has served as a health educator and lecturer at numerous schools, universities and corporations & has delivered keynote addresses throughout the country since 1994.

Dr. Proodian holds undergraduate degrees in Public Health and Nutrition and a Doctorate of Chiropractic. He has also earned postgraduate certifications in Sports Medicine (CCSP) and Strength and Conditioning (CSCS). Dr. Proodian lives in Monmouth County, NJ with his wife Stacy and their 5 children.

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