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Tandem Radio: The Business of Safety

A Safe Work Place Tandem Radio September 4th with Jim Shatzle, owner of T.E.A.M Life, Inc. Glen and Peter were joined by Jim Shatzle to discuss how to prepare  for unexpected emergency situations and be better prepared to save lives at home and at work. TEAM LIFE, INC., founded in 1994, is one of the most established and trusted names in Emergency Health Training and Products. Based out of New Jersey, TEAM LIFE has extensive Health and Safety experience both in the United [...]

Tandem Radio: A Balanced Life!

Politics, Business, and Family with Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini Tandem Radio August 28th with Assemblywoman Mary Pat Angelini. Doing things to your best ability while balancing life is a challenge for many. It has been said that life is a three ball balancing act Religion, Family, and Business. Religion and Business are rubber balls you can drop, Family is a crystal ball that should never be  drop. Juggling many responsibility in life is not getting any easier, Mary Pat Angeline [...]

Tandem Radio “Sales in not a dirty word”

Mastering the World of Selling with Eric Taylor Tandem Radio August 21, 2010 Special guest Eric Taylor joined Glen and Peter to discuss their experience in sales, the evolution and ways to succeed in sales today. Eric Taylor Is President and Chief Collaboration Officer of Empowerment Group International. Eric is the creator and co-author of Mastering the World of Selling published by John Wiley & Sons Inc. and he is the co-creator of Best Year Ever! Secrets and [...]

Business Law and Liability

Tandem Radio: August 14th 2010, Business Law and Liability The Tandem Radio Team would like to thank Glen J, Dalakian II our Producer who has done an amazing job helping to  launch Tandem Radio. Glen J is heading to school in Egypt to continue his education. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. We wish you a safe trip and may blessings during your travels. We welcome Sara Gaona as our new Producer who has been helping behinds the scenes for several weeks. Congratulations to [...]

Social Networking Tips from Ken Varga

Social Networking Tips from Ken Varga

Tandem Radio Show, August 7th 2010 with guests Ken Varga of Creating Customers LLC Glen and Peter were joined by Ken Varga to discuss the topic of Networking groups and Advisers. Ken shares what he has learned over 40 years in business  and offers a few tips to supercharge your marketing campaign . Over his career Ken has created over 35 companies and 6 million customers,  as well as Authored two books,  How To Get Customers To Call Buy & Beg for More and How to Capture the Mind of Your [...]

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